1. Mateusz Rzewuski is a serious, hugely talented and very sensitive organist with an enquiring mind and vivid imagination. In his lively and passionate approach to the Bach’s great Prelude and Fugue for Organ D-dur he displayed strong artistic temperament, which during our cooperation turned into an energetic, but still elegant more and more convincing interpretation.
    Prof. Michael Radulescu
    Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Vienna
  2. Mateusz Rzewuski is a hugely talented musician in terms of his playing technique. He is already an advanced organist with a great capacity of express. I can see great possibilities for him and I support his further education. He demonstrates many own artists initiatives.
    Prof. Ludger Lohmann
    Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Stuttgar
  3. Mateusz Rzewuski is a very sensitive and hugely talented musician. He shows great diligence in his performance and achieves successes. His serious style of performance made a strong impression on me. He also makes a great progress. I can recommend this artist…
    Prof. Franz Danksagmüller
    Musikhochschule Lübeck
  4. Mateusz Rzewuski had been working with me on Sebastian Bach’s Preludium A Fuga E-moll of during the course in Sejny. I was enormously impressed by his performance, as he has a specific technique and ability to emphasize with a musical work. We had been working a bit on the form and accentuation of his performance and after that he played with even more understanding of its musical composition…
    Prof. Hans Fagius
    The Royal Danish Music Conservatory Copenhagen
  5. Mateusz Rzewuski is one of the leading Polish organists of the rising generation. He is a very skilled and technically gifted organist. He has already made successes on the international competitions. During concerts at international competitions he earns many praises from critics. In 2013 he was accepted in first round on Master of Music studies in Lubeck. I strongly recommend Mr. Rzewuski.
    Prof. Andrzej Chorosiński
    The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw
  6. Mateusz Rzewuski has a complex talent for music. First of all he should be noted for: a keen sense of rhythm, sound and creativity. In addition, his playing technique is very powerful. He’s got great potential for his professional development.
    Prof. Michal Novenko
    Pražská Konzervatoř
  7. Mateusz Rzewuski has an exceptional talent. He’s a kind of artist who makes a very good progress, but he is also very gifted for music and curious about his specialization. I support him in his further efforts.
    Prof. Roman Perucki
    The Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk
  8. I have known Mateusz Rzewuski since his performances during exams. He shows a high level of skills and a wide repertoire.
    Prof. Józef Serafin
    The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw
  9. Mateusz Rzewuski actively participates in the artistic life of his school. He also took part in master classes at home and abroad. He also won international competitions. I strongly support his studies in Lubeck and all his efforts.
    Prof. Julian Gembalski
    The Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Katowice